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Advertising Information

The Five Elements of a Successful Money Mailer Ad Campaign.

1. The right PACKAGE
....Our message will be seen.

2. The right FREQUENCY
....Your message will be seen enough.

3. The right OFFERS
....The offer will motivate people to respond.

4. The right PRODUCT
....Your business will be communicated effectively.

5. The right MARKET
.....Your message will be seen by the right people.

We Offer 3 Different Mail Options

Money Mailer Shared Mail  
    Attract new customers and drive traffic to your business with our cost effective and proven performer. mm
  bullet-star   Consumers look forward to Money Mailer offers to local businesses like yours.
  bullet-star   Reach as little as 10,000 to over 1,000,000 targeted households surrounding your business.
One-to-One Postcards
  bullet-star   Postcards are timely and flexible, standout in the mailbox with your own advertisement when it's right for your business with special offers.
  bullet-star   Identify consumers by new resident, age, income, and other demographics.
  bullet-star   Postcards can reach a specific audience by attracting new customers or rewarding loyal ones, with custom offers just for them..
Online Coupons
When you mail with us your coupons are automatically placed online, which means customers can find your ads 24/7,
365 days a year!

Click here for coupon finder


Reach the right Audience:

Money Mailer’s expertise will help you reach your advertising goals.

Money Mailer’s industry leading targeting services are designed to help businesses get & keep more customers while maintaining an optimal return on your direct marketing investment.

Our market research data and targeting capabilities are used to determine the right neighborhoods/households for your advertising message by understanding:

  bullet-star   Current year demographic, lifestyle and purchasing behavior.
  bullet-star   Market potential for products and services used by different segments of the population.
  bullet-star   Consumer expenditure data outlining money spent on various products and services.
  bullet-star   Trade areas, traffic patterns and delivery areas.
  bullet-star   Lists by lifestyle, hobbies, magazine subscription and demographics.
  bullet-star   Lists by lifestage including recently moved households.
  bullet-star   Your customer database to execute loyalty programs such as birthday clubs, service reminders and/or special rewards.